Peacehaven is a haven of peace in the tranquil and
beautiful countryside of Montgomeryshire.
It is a place of healing, embracing ancient earth
energies and the universal creative essence. We are
here as custodians of this special place and wish to
share with you our vision of Peacehaven as a centre
of light and healing that will assist you on your
journey to realise your latent potential.

r Mission Statement

To promote healing, personal development and transformation in a safe and caring environment

Our Objectives

To provide facilities for:

Respite and conference facilities

Education provision and information through promotional activities

Workshops, seminars and training programmes

Accredited healing courses

Resolution of health and stress related issues

Development of spirituality

Support in a caring environment

About Peacehaven

Earliest records indicate occupancy in 1768 although our ‘intuitive’ guests have indicated that there have been activities here in more ancient times when beneficent use was made of the abundant natural energies. This is more apparent in the ‘Sanctuary’ amongst the trees where there is a vortex of earth energy, which facilitates healing and a lifting of the veil of consciousness.

Formerly a small farm it is slowly being transformed with a lot of love, enthusiasm and assistance from the universe into a nurturing environment and since our occupation extra rooms have been added to cope with the influx of visitors to our workshops and courses. We are presently facilitating courses on spiritual healing, developing spirituality, awareness and personal development and now just converted the barns to cater for an expansion of these activities.

It has come to pass because there is a need out there. There are many desiring to make contact with the source of their being, to facilitate a release from their bondage of emotional baggage and to bring the essence of their spiritual nature to the physical dimension. Peacehaven’s vibrations will enable and assist you to do that.
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