Opening THE BOX

A chartered civil engineer by profession David still manages to ‘engineer’ people

towards their goals and greater life perspectives. As a registered spiritual healer, counselor and facilitator of spiritual disciplines and metaphysical studies he has travelled extensively in the UK to enable others to release their healing potential.

This book is about recounting his journey, of opening his box presented in a down to

earth style and packed with personal advice based on his experience. It is not intended as a manual for training to be a healer but more for personal development with many thought provoking insights. It is about connecting with who you are and a reminder to look at life from outside the box, viewing it from a wider perspective whilst embracing teachings from spirit and other streams of consciousness. It is about Embracing the Essence that we call God, remembering who we are and expressing

that essence.

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Be Still, and Know

Inspirational Poetry by

David Robinson

The collections of poems are simplistic in nature, personal and are in
themselves complete meditations. It is my heartfelt wish that all who
read these inspirations will feel a vibration that resonates at a deep
level of their being.

There is in essence in each poem, conveyed in the space around the
words and there is a personal message for all who read on.

So to capture that essence

be still, and know....

Price £2.95 Plus postage and packing.
Be still, and know,
That in the halls of meditation
Is a gallery of special art.
where all the pictures painted
are with colours from the heart:
some visions cannot be captured
because they are made of light.
but they are there awaiting
for those whose love is right
Be still,

and know,

when you are all alone

then call on Me by name

Talk with Me –

the feeling is just the same:

share with Me your burdens

so that I may lend a hand,

to give you time for gathering

the strength to make a stand
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